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               "Snow-Line Rainbow" by James Wray
The Rainbow, empty of objective solidity, yet real in appearance, is symbolic of images arising to awareness in consciousness.  If you like this image you can right-click on it and select "Set as Background" to display it on your desktop as a frequent reminder of your own fundamental nature as Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness. 

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Welcome  to our most recent addition to the Self Realize Now suite of web-sites, all of which are devoted to providing aid and comfort to all who yearn to find peace and harmony in their daily lives, while at the same time striving to make their contribution to our ever evolving and ever demanding world of today. 

We are committed to bringing all peoples together in compassionate loving kindness for one another, and for all beings everywhere, through the realization by each of us that we are each and every one of us all of the same singular consciousness-awareness, our shared common bond that not only rises above all of our differences but that also enables and actualizes the very consciousness awareness experience arising in every moment of our being without end. 

Please join us in this journey of discovery of our self nature, that awareness we can all Self Realize Now, without exception for rich or poor, good or bad, believing or not believing, because no matter who or what you may be in your eyes or in the eyes of others, your very being IS the Awareness you have of this and all else arising as experience in your Consciousness Awareness in this and in every moment of your timeless being. 

Simple, eternally profound, yet powerfully hidden as it is in plain sight, so difficult to recognize for what it is, our singular timeless pure self-nature. 

So enter in and join with the rest of us in our quest for discovery of what thousands before us have already discovered for themselves, our quest to Self-Realize Now. 

There are hundreds of possible places to begin this quest, or to continue in what you may well have already begun, and in time, and with your help, we will have many of them linked or referenced for you and others right here, 
but for now we invite you to begin with
Self-Realization, One's Own Journey from self to Self-Liberation in the World of Today presented free in its entirety at 

Finally, if you already know all this and are coming from where we are trying to get to, by all means
lets get together so by working together we may be able to accomplish something more than each of us working separately.   












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