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Lets Work Together
Welcome to our program furthering Self Realization for all beings!!!  It is a Blessing to have your Presence here!!  Fully Self-Realized Beings are a priceless treasure of Blessing to this planet.  By way of introduction you can see something of where I am coming from at Biography.  You  will no doubt immediately confirm that you are light-years ahead of me, with my minute glimpses into Reality, so I am profoundly happy to be supporting your efforts in this.  In any case I would like to help by seeking ways together to help one another advance this Awareness through networking both our efforts, as well as by such other kind and beneficial means we may find available. 

One way we can begin is by linking our resources to create an ever greater network of and for beings focused on bringing Awareness of Consciousness Awareness to more people everywhere.  This little cluster of sites is but one tiny node in the greater overall web, of which your portion is already very great, respected and influential.  Linking together brings, even if slightly, a broader outreach of your own teachings and the teachings in Compassionate Realization of the great Lineages your work has carried onward into our present time. 

I have presumed to provide a link to your site which if you do not find already present in Links To Great Teachings I would beg your notifying me of my oversight and granting premission to create such a link whether or not yours is already present.  At the same time I would be most honored if you would provide from your site a link to thi or   
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