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               "Snow-Line Rainbow" by James Wray
The Rainbow, empty of objective solidity, yet real in appearance, is symbolic of images arising to awareness in consciousness.  If you like this image you can right-click on it and select "Set as Background" to display it on your desktop as a frequent reminder of your own fundamental nature as Awareness of Appearances arising in Consciousness. 

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                                        Song for Self-Realization 


                          Ode to the Sole Self-Realizing Consciousness Awareness





                            O Lucid, Pristine Consciousness,

                                   Such a Wonder;  O so Dear.


                            This Awareness, All-Embracing,

                                    Self-arising in Thy Clear.


                            Source of All arising free,

                                    All Empty Luminosity.


                            Granting All self -liberty

                                    Attentive to Awareness free.





                                                                          by Dorje Rigdzin


                                                           Overlook House, December 11th, 2007




Surfing the Surfer

The surfer knows that boundless joy
        of skimming o'er the frothy sea;

How so does this Awareness glide
        o'er radiant, joyous, empty me.

Alas, when deft alertness wanes,
        tumultuous deep our surfer gleans;

How so does this Awareness sink
        into the depths of worldly scenes.

When surfer and the sea are one
        the sea-based blood, unchanged, anon;

How so does this Awareness flow,
        of Consciousness, ever the One.

James Wray
January, 2009

Pointing Out
Recognizing Awareness
Being Attentive to Awareness

In order to recognize Awareness, we need to intervene in our automatic association with its object, and bring our attention to Awareness itself.

We can do this easily in the visual space if we simply back our attention off from its visual object, just a little, into the clear empty visual space in front of us.  Now, with our attention resting in this clear empty space we can immediately become Aware of our Awareness just as It IS!!

You need to realize this Awareness of Awareness, so, if you haven't yet, then just back up and re-read the previoius paragraph, following the instructions until it Clicks!  Bingo!!  Awareness of Awareness!!  Very simple, nothing exceptional, yet placing our attention on our Awareness is the KEY to the Power of attentiveness. 

With this Awareness of Awareness you become attentive not only to Awareness, but more importantly you become attentive to where it is placed, to the Aware placement of your Awareness attention as well.  Up to now, when your awareness went out to an object you felt that you were simply aware of the object itself, with no attention paid to Awareness.  Now when your awareness goes out to an object you are highly aware of, and attentive to, the placement of Awareness itself on the appearance of the object.  This attentiveness to the placement of Awareness is the means, the empowerment, the engine for locating and relocating your attentiveness, for directing your attentiveness according to your own will.

Natural Self-Liberation of the Underlying Object Appearance

Even more important is the condition of non-attachment to the underlying Appearance that this attentiveness to Awareness automatically causes.  Instead of attaching to the underlying object-appearance, Attentiveness of Awareness remain naturally bound together and both Attentiveness and Awareness remain detatched from the world of appearances, hovering in the Clear, which is the natural unmodified Consciousness basis of all that arises.  This represents complete Awareness control in the Natural state, and this state further allows all appearances arising in the Clear Consciousness basis to simply Self-Liberate entirely on their own.  This is the essential state of Being, the Natural State, Being in control of all the various vehicles by directed non-feedback on vehicular demands for attention through their unattended self-liberation.

On realizing this state one should feel the strong inclination to make this one's full-time mode of addressing life experience. 

Awareness of Awareness  -  Joyful Surfing



Relax your face, and your eyes.


Become aware of the gentle flow of breath.


Let a pleasing smile come over your face.


Breathing gently, just relax your mind and your gaze.


Gazing vacantly into the empty space before you, become aware of your Awareness.


Even though your mind and gaze are relaxed, your Awareness is strong and vibrant.


Awareness of Awareness.  How Wonderful!!


Feel your very self as just this Awareness.  More Wonderful!!


What more than this Awareness could you ever want to Be?


Perfect and Complete in its All-Beholding.  Amazing!!


Ever yours, this Awareness, your very self that nothing can take away from you,


Yet that you can and readily do give away, give over, to your Appearances.


But not now, with mind relaxed and gaze relaxed on empty space before you


Awareness strong, self vibrant, like a clear-light luminosity itself, empty and alert.


Relaxed, alert, you are not resting in this Awareness, You are Living Being It!!


Now, ever attentive to Awareness, let your gaze begin to drift from side to side, not onto the scene around you, but just approaching it, ever remaining freely in the empty space out of which the scene appears.


Maintaining attentive Awareness of Awareness, Awareness is no longer drawn to the surface of the scene like a magnet; instead it hovers close, but floating free,


Awareness, You, Surfing freely o’er the worldly scene.  Amazing!!  Most Wonderful!! 


Happy Surfer Awareness You!!



Jim Wray    Spring Solstice, 2009


Images of the Buddha Garden
Overlook House
Foresthill, California


Sitting Buddha with Crystal Water Lotus Blossom



Buddha Garden surrounded with Prayer Flags



Tibetan Lamas Roses
in the Budda Garden


Buddha Garden in the Morning Light



Prayer Flags Flying

Buddha Garden at Overlook House 


   Awareness “Knowing Emptiness”


By now you Know that you are union of nondual awareness of empty appearance. You have experienced it and you know the meaning.

  The experience is not stable. It goes away, and everything seems ordinary again; but the KNOWING of It does NOT go away. You Know, but experience has passed and you are frustrated not to be in the experience. Yet you Know the basis of the experience is present.

Regain Awareness of Awareness simply with this KNOWING and just leave the experience as it is.

Settle in to BEING Awareness of this Knowing, as the experience simply arises naturally, no matter how it appears, in the Knowing awareness.

Remember your Knowing is simply that all that is experienced is merely empty display of thought and sensation arising as one with Awareness.

Now just be this Knower settled in awake Awareness, and experience your utter amazement as you knowingly leave everything as it actually is.

1 Know Awareness.
2 Know Appearances as Display.
3 Know Display of Appearances as Being Empty.
4 Be Awareness of this Knowing.

OK!! Now we are in the game! To play the game, let everything (visual, sound, thoughts, feelings) arise as ordinary, but KNOWING them Empty!

With simply Knowing, everything just slips out of ordinary on its own and just IS in its natural state of presence in Awareness.

 It seems the more the "Knowing of Emptiness Nature" is "infused" into a condition, the more it "energizes its emptiness"-a vortex!

Play with this. Just Being this "Knowing" Awareness.

Mind is a most Awesome Nothingness, seething Emptiness of Displaying Potential beyond any possibility of imagining.- and It is US!

In the end, the great "Emptiness" itself is an illusion. Far from being empty, it is first a moat, then the Gateway for Awareness into BEING

Opening the Gateway on the Dynamic of Emptiness, our ONEness is found in our ALLTOGETHERness In the Dynamic Emptiness of Our Experiencing

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