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Oh My God

Oh My God!


OMG    I’m so glad you actually found this!


Can I tell you of your Nature?

Oh would that I could!


If you were here with me now

I would like to say


It’s In Your Face!!


I would say,

You are already Enlightened!!

I will show you that you are!!


The crowd around would cry Liar!!


They too are no less Enlightened than you or I Am.


We just cannot believe

the True Nature of our own Beholding.


For what is In Your Face,

That vision appearing before you,

Is nothing other than

Your own Enlightened Nature.


I can show you how it Is,

Not something for you to believe

But something for you to Know.


You will not fight it,

But what you think is you most surely will.


But then, what you think is you

Isn’t what it thinks it is,

Rather it is they.


they that get you around;

they that are your body;

they that are your senses;

they that are your brain;

they that are your conceptualizing mind;

they that are your ego self notions;

they that are your soul;

they that are your etheric spirit;

they are YOUR vehicles.

they are not YOU!


YOU are pure Consciousness-Manifestation-Awareness!


What in the world is THAT?


THAT is your complete, moment to moment, Awareness Experience,

and It is not in the world.


It is about the world, most certainly,

but in the world It is not!!


Understand most certainly, the world is there,

and Your vehicles are part of it;

but, even if just for a moment, suspend your interest in the world,

and simply pay attention to Awareness of your Experience (of it).


Like the images appearing on a TV screen,

And the surround sound that goes with them,

Recordings of camera and eye played out before you,

Displays of light and color,

Of Sound and fury,

Of Love and Kindness.


This experience your Awareness engages

is what you have.

What else do you have but this?


All this YOU are experiencing,

Simply display arising,

Manifesting as empty appearances,

Arising in YOUR Consciousness nature,

Appearing to YOUR Consciousness Awareness.


This empty Display of Appearances,

This Awareness of it,

This Consciousness in which these both are arising,




Empty Manifestations of Consciousness Luminosity,

All in Consciousness freely arising,

All in Consciousness freely dispersing.


YOU are that Consciousness-Manifestation-Awareness!



Timeless, utterly beyond worldly existence, birth and death,

Infinite in potential for Manifestation,

Personal as Awareness arising,

Perfectly and Completely ONE as pure Consciousness


You are That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Your Mother IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Your Great-Great Grandmother was,

And yet IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

I AM That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

My Soul-Mate IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

The Christ IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Krishna IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Moses IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Mohamed IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

Gautama Buddha and all the Buddhas that have ever been,

   and shall ever be, ARE That Singular Consciousness Awareness.

The ONE and only ONE, known as God, Allah, or by any other name,

    IS That Singular Consciousness Awareness,

And all the beings, from most magnificent to least insignificant,

    Who have ever been, are now, or shall ever be

ARE That SAME Singular Consciousness Awareness,


this very moment and every moment

That ever has been and ever shall be,

self-same Singular




Oh, how I would like to tell you this,

And show your incredulous nature how utterly true it is,


But then, perhaps it doesn’t matter after all

If I don’t, or if I can’t tell you

What I just told you,

Because you are going to know it anyway,

Someway, someday;

And anyway what difference does it make?


It makes at least the difference it has made for simple ordinary me,

Which is why I yearn for you to know as well.


You as Consciousness-Manifestation-Awareness

Are like an unrequited love for This Consciousness-Awareness;

When you too know we both are One Singular Consciousness-Awareness,

Then we are that One together.

When you don’t or didn’t know that we are One,

We were still One, but One being divided, One being pulled apart,

Caught up in the stress of conflicting conceptual self notions,

Misidentified with our worldly vehicles, both gross and subtle,

Missing our sweet common bond

In Perfect and Complete Singular Consciousness Awareness.


Yes We Are     All One together in this,

And isn’t it time we knew it all together,

And thus behaved accordingly towards one-another?


So there You Are, 

All before you, within you, thinking you,

All you are beholding, sensing, feeling, thinking,

Aware of Your Awareness,

Open, Realizing

What it is that you are really seeing!


Empty Self-Luminous Consciousness Appearances

With Awareness self-Arising,

Together One

As Pure Consciousness-Awareness Being,

As Immortal YOU Being Immortal YOU

In Steadfast Compassionate Joyful Loving Kindness

Towards All as One and One as Being.


We feel the Welcome Here and Now;

Awareness merged in vast Openness,

Filling vast Cosmic Being

With our heart-felt Love . . .





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